Alive Film: On The Road

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We just released a new Alive Film taking a look behind the scenes with our lead singer Caleb Keolanui of life on the road. For close to a decade, The Green has been touring for months at a time, year in and year out. While it's one of the most rewarding experiences for us as a band, it's also a grueling lifestyle for the time spent away from our families living on a tour bus moving from city to city, venue to venue. Regardless of the challenges, there is no match to the feeling of performing on stage all across the world for our fans. This is the fuel for our passion that drives The Green thousands of miles every year to share our music. Enjoy a glimpse of life on the road, shot/directed by Jesse Yonover.

New Music Video - "All I Need"

“Love is all we need. This song is about me recognizing my blessings and was written for my wife and daughter,“ says lead singer Caleb Keolanui. The concept for the music video was developed by Director Keli’i Grace and Producer Jesse Yonover. “For the visuals, we wanted to create something very real that would transcend the meaning of the song to the deepest level possible. So it’s not just about love between two people, but love for your craft, love for your culture, and love for your home. We were really inspired by the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s Mālama Honua World Wide Voyage. For those unfamiliar, this was the recent four-year long sail across the world by the traditional Hawaiian sailing canoe, Hōkūle’a, navigated only using the ancient Polynesian art of Wayfinding (celestial navigation). We saw so many parallels between the ocean voyages of Hawaiian Wayfinders and the musical voyage of the band so we thought the music video would be a unique opportunity to try to connect these storylines in a creative way,” says Jesse Yonover. “The vision was to produce a film piece that tied these two worlds together and illuminated how not only love but also culture passes through time. It was also important that we shed light on the other side of love, which are often the difficult sacrifices made by the families and loved ones of those left behind in the pursuit of these journeys.” 

As a band, we felt strongly that the music video needed to be as authentic as possible, so we were pretty excited when we got the news that the Polynesian Voyaging Society was going to let us shoot scenes for the video on Hōkūle’a. We were also extremely fortunate to have Salt + Air Studios and Hawaii Camera help us capture everything on state of the art camera equipment. We are pumped to finally get to share this music video with everyone. For us, it really is a special piece of art that goes beyond the music and into the Hawaiian culture that has shaped so much of our lives.